New Beginnings

Things have been different around these parts lately.


With the passing of my grandfather, the ill health of my grandmother, and the joyous return of spring, I have been finding myself a little more reflective–searching for a way to make reality a little closer to the dreams in my head. I’m not too sure what the days ahead hold for me and my family, but I do know that adventures are waiting for us and that we will not be letting them pass us by. Here’s to a new way of living that includes daydreams, faith filled days, road trips, new business ventures, a true style of my own, and cultivating a life instead of only allowing life to cultivate me. I will try very much to be as genuine as possible with my posting from here on out, and only include things that are real and true and honest. No BS posts just to put something up on time. I will not feel guilt about posting, or not posting, or sharing my heart and who I am. I will make this space my own corner of internet happiness (or sadness, if I should choose). I can only hope some of what makes me happy will make you happy, and encourage you as well.


(I’m not going to lie, these past months have been hard. I mean, the corners-of-my-little-world-folding-in hard. But there is strength and joy and freedom in Christ, and He is the one who has gotten me through. I’m hoping to share that encouragement with you this evening. That even if your world in turning inside out,  there is hope, and his name is Jesus. If you don’t know his love and compassion, seek him. You will find him.)




One comment

  1. annika - all the live long day · May 8, 2014

    Hey. I am so sorry to hear about your granddad, and I wish your grandmother all the best! I am glad to see you here again. I am rubbish at blogging nowadays, and even more rubbish with checking on people on Twitter. But I am still reading the blogs I follow, and no matter how often or little somebody writes, I am always happy to catch up! x

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