Look Up and Be Captivated


A beautiful thing happened just yesterday, when it rained on one side of our yard and not the other. This rainbow was so vivid!

It’s amazing how a rainbow, or a storm, or the garden growing has the magic to pull everyone in our house out of their own little worlds and into the great, big world. It’s so nice to forget, just for a little bit, that there are chores to do, work to do, games to play, meals to cook… and just stare up at something and be captivated and fascinated.

Our days are full of miracles! Let’s let the plants that flower, the children we raise, and the weather in the sky captivate and enthrall us this week.

What makes you feel this way? Did anything captivate or fascinate you this week? Share the wonder in the comments below or continue the conversation on twitter with me.


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