Pyrex Rainbow

You may or may not know of my LOVE for all the vintage dishes. Seriously. Even the ugly ones. I still love them! There are a few particular types of dishes that I like to focus my collecting on: Tulip Ware, Pyrex, and Fire-King. I absolutely love the beautiful colors and functional beauty of these dishes. It makes me happy to use them in my every day cooking, mixing, baking and storing.


This past weekend, three of my kids and I went to a flea market. We found a few odds and ends, but the best find was these refrigerator Pyrex dishes! I never find the little ones with the lids, but this time I got two of the little ones WITH the lids and a medium one with the lid (it’s a teensy bit chipped on the corner) and I got them all for $5! I was super excited. AND THEN. I realized that the yellow that I found these in completed the spectrum of colors I have collected*. I now have a Pyrex RAINBOW of dishes!! Let’s take a moment to smile at this beauty….






*This in no way means that my collection is complete. 😉

Do you have any collections? What do you look for when you go thrifting? Do you have any pretty, pretty Pyrex??


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