Five Things

I was tagged by my sweet internet friend, Annika, to participate in this 5 things about me post.  So I think I’ll actually participate in this one! (You should go read her honest and baring 5 things post.. I’ll wait.)

Ok, here goes!  5 things you should know about me…

(#1) I am indecisive about almost everything. I finally had to make a rule for myself about twitter: No re-reading and revising tweets to the point of insanity. If it goes out and is misunderstood, or accidentally offensive it’s just going to have to be ok. Everything else, I take great care in crafting. For example, this is the 3rd blog post draft I have written this week, but this one will be the one you see. The first is long and positively revealing. The second one was written at 1 AM. This one is last-minute (of course) So it has to be acceptable. I also can never decide what to fix for supper. I think this is partly because as much as I love to eat great food, I’d rather not have to cook it.


(#2) We are planning on sending our kids to public school in the fall and I am terrified. We have been homeschooling up to this point and although it has had its ups and downs, I am truly going to miss my kids next year. I took my youngest for her preschool screening the other day, and I already hate how the school system has to “evaluate” my child by comparing her to a list of abilities she may or may not have. Plus if another child has a skill that mine doesn’t, or my child has a skill that another doesn’t, it brings up a competitive feeling in me that makes me truly uncomfortable.  Who’s to say that one child is “better” than another?? (Although, obviously, my children are the best 😉


(#3) I believe in Jesus. But hear me out! I don’t believe that entitles me to judge people or think more highly of myself! I believe in the way Jesus lived as a humble servant, always loving, always sticking up for the underdogs and turning tables over at the “religious” self-righteous people of the new testament. (Because He IS entitled to judge, lol) It’s important to me that I don’t leave my faith out of my blog entirely. Although it’s sometimes more comfortable for everyone if we just gloss over the particulars, I need to be honest with myself and others around me about what I actually believe. It’s the most important belief I have, that a relationship with the living God through Jesus is the only way to have eternal life, so why wouldn’t I just share it?! If others don’t agree with me, I won’t ever be less friendly or more pushy. But I am open to discussion about it. It’s kind of what I’m supposed to do as a Christian; to tell others what Christ has done for me–to have meaningful relationships with people and share the goodness and love of Christ with those around me.

Also, if you’re interested in reading my favorite book (maybe EVER) it’s called A Severe Mercy, by Sheldon Vanaukin. It’s about an intelligent, agnostic/atheist couple who fall so completely in love, then convert to Christianity. It’s a heart-breakingly beautiful story… but then, most great true stories will break your heart a little.


(#4) I absolutely love/hate awkward, confrontational, or extra-serious moments. (Speaking of awkward moments.. Did you all watch the Office Finale?!! It was AMAZING.) Some people love debates. I cringe through them or leave the room when they happen. It’s funny that I love reality tv as much as I do, because I fast forward through half of it, or pause and watch the awkward moments in short segments. It takes me hours to watch a full episode of the Bachelor, but I get stuff done when I have to pause. Oh man, I hope no psychiatrists are reading this… I’m sure this means I need help in some way, lol.  This is really only a problem when I make a joke at an inappropriate time because the tension is too much to handle. And then it’s not a problem for me, just for the person that doesn’t think my joke was funny or well-timed…


(#5) The best compliment anyone could ever give me is to tell me I’m kind or funny. I hope that’s what my kids will grow up to be. Whatever happens, kind and funny can usually only make a situation better.


What are the two most important qualities to you? What do you think about debates? Am I completely alone when it comes to being able to decide what’s for supper???

Now it’s your turn! If you have a blog and need a prompt, share 5 things about you! Leave a link in the comments or let me know on twitter!

PS Posts like this seem like they’re going to be easy-peasy, then you start thinking about what people really should know about you… Whew. It’s kind of scary and exhausting to share so much. Maybe I should have just told you 5 things about my kids or cats. Maybe I will next time!


  1. annika - all the live long day · May 25, 2013

    Thank you for sharing these things! I understand the indecisiveness, especially when it comes to hitting publish on a post. At the worst of times, I’m a stickler for correct sentence structure and grammar, and when you pair that with personal content, I can easily spend a few hours on review. And apart from that, I often cannot decide what to have to eat, and then I get so hungry and grumpy while I’m thinking through the options that I absolutely cannot make a decision!

    I think it’s brave to let your kids go to school. But it must be hard to let them go after spending do much time with them every day. I’m sure they will do fine and enjoy themselves. I don’t have personal experience, but I think the entry tests can be a bit harsh. When my friend enrolled her little daughter in a new school, the teacher remarked that her cutting skills weren’t that great, and when my friend replied that she usually praised and encouraged her daughter anyway, she was more or less told not to build false expectations of skills and knowledge in her daughter’s mind. How horrible!

    Lastly, I think I’ve said it before, but you’re very kind and your writing often makes me chuckle and smile, so you’ve got funny covered, too! x

    • ajanka1 · May 25, 2013

      Thank you for your sweet words. That’s terrible about your friend!! Why would encouraging your child be a bad thing?! I just think the idea of trying to evaluate a child by testing them is ridiculous. Sure she counted to 7 for you today, but she counted to 18 for me. So she can’t throw a ball at a target very well, lol, neither can I! Then they tell me her “number” which is essentially her level of perceived intelligence… I know it’s idealistic maybe, but why not just meet my child get to know her a bit, and skip the ridiculous evaluation?? I’m going to have to get used to it I guess…

      I’ve had the hungry grumps this week more than once! It’s hard not to get take-out once they’re in effect!

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