Cop-Out Link-Up, Sorta

Too bad I’m such a procrastinator. If I thought ahead and was disciplined enough to do the work in advance, I would probably have a fabulous blog post planned for you today. Instead, I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get things done for the Maternity Fair tomorrow. Sooooo, I think it’s time for another Link-up Cop-out post!! Yes, this one will be tough because I haven’t been on the internets much this week but I’ll do my best!

  • The absolute first thing you should do is go watch The Office. You can start from whichever season it’s been the longest since you watched. I started with season 3 and it has made time  spent crocheting this week so much fun. (I believe I made it through to season 7 before I took a break from it…)
  • Next, go check out this week’s playlist HERE. Umm Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog is on this list, so you’re going to want to listen.
  • Also, happy mother’s day! If you’re not a mother, this is your reminder to celebrate your mom. Also, you may celebrate me.
  • And lastly, since apparently there are no links, this post was just a cop-out. It’s alright though, because I have some pretty cool things coming up on the blog in the next month…

Have a good weekend!! ❤

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