The Fridge is in my Room. Actually.

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity here at the Arnold homestead.  We are in the midst of a kitchen re-model on our old, old house, and it has been exhausting. And we’re only about halfway done. But that’s ok! It’s going to be beautiful (I really, really hope!!!) Everything in our house is turned upside down. Our refrigerator is actually in. my. bedroom… Actually. There are clothes EVERYWHERE. There is drywall dust on everything. It’s crazy. But it will be worth it when it is beautiful. Bonus, there are no longer kitchen cabinets in my bedroom or the living room. Thank goodness.

Here’s the way it looked before. Please excuse the mess as we were already cleaning out all the cabinets when I decided I should take pictures.



Here’s where we started putting holes in the walls. I highly recommend putting a hammer through a wall. It was great fun. We decided that it would be worth the added expense to tear the drywall down to replace it. We really needed to patch some holes up anyway, and stripping 2-5 layers of 50-year-old wallpaper was nearly impossible. It was REALLY stuck to the wall. I tried to take it off before we decided to replace the wallboard. It was not fun. Like, it took an entire hour to strip a 12×12 inch section. An hour a square foot was more tedious than I could handle. It would have taken months to do the whole kitchen. Plus I would have had to mud the walls anyway.



We were blessed and lucky enough to have a bunch of friends and acquaintances show up to help us with the kitchen. A whole bunch of guys and gals used hammers and saws and demolished our kitchen and helped hang drywall all day and until after midnight on Saturday. It’s pretty amazing what pizza and a few cases of beer will buy you! It was so fun too. I love having people over to my house. And since our house was a mess anyway, the mess they left behind was hardly noticed.


The  week after the drywall hanging party has progressed more slowly. We have a temporary kitchen set up. The NEW DISHWASHER is up and running!!!! The sink is functioning and we have a smallish temporary countertop set up. The permanent countertop is going to take a while and quite a bit of work to finish, since it will be made from wood and will need to be built, stained, and poly’ed. The wood countertop is so exciting to me though! That earthy wood color will help balance out my new wall colors, which for  now will remain a mystery…. You’ll have to wait until the final reveal for that!



We still have to finish a bit of drywall, mud and sand walls, primer and paint walls, paint and re-install trim, and clean clean clean. Not to mention, put our whole house back together in order! I was hopeful that this would be a start-to-finish kitchen re-model post, but it turns out it is a new mini-series here on the blog. So sit back and enjoy the ride from gingham and pie country to (hopefully) vintage cool.

What can you do to help? I’m so glad you asked! There are two things I’m on the lookout for, and if you see them online, I neeeeed you to let me know! I need a reasonably priced hanging fruit basket. there are always 2 or 3 huge bowls of fruit on my kitchen table. I need that clutter to go hang itself. Literally. If it’s vintage and green, even better. I am also looking for a paper towel roll holder to mount under a cabinet. Preferably not cheap-o plastic, but not pricy either. (I appreciate all leads and there is a reward if your tip leads to the purchase of a hanging fruit basket. A verbal praise reward/link to your website/air mail kisses and hugs)

Have you ever completely re-done a room? Are you as exhausted as I am? Will you bring me supper so I don’t have to find a way to feed my kids again!!!??? They eat ALL THE TIME!!!

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