Comfort Flicks

I have this need to be entertained while I’m doing other things. Like, if I’m washing dishes, the radio must be on, or I must be having a conversation with one of my kids or my husband. When I’m working at my desk area, whether it be crocheting, making lists, straightening up, or drawing and painting, I like to have a show on the computer or tv. I love reality tv, but I can’t watch that without pausing or fast forwarding through all the conflicts and arguments. I can’t really always WATCH what’s on either, because I’m busy with my hands and eyes. So I like to rely on what I call comfort movies or shows. These are movies or shows that I could watch any time of any day and be completely comfortable watching or listening as I go about my other tasks. Here is my short but sweet list of Comfort Flicks.

Indian Summer-This is the movie that I rented and re-rented every other weekend at Fast Forward (our local movie rental store growing up) It was just a little too grown up for me then, and I loved that.

Can’t Hardly Wait-I put this movie on every night and went to sleep to it for quite a while in high school. I love its familiarity.

When Harry Met Sally– All time fave romantic comedy. Love it love it.

Early Episodes of Friends-So funny, especially before there was any real conflict between the friends themselves

Super Troopers-Innappropriate and hilarious. Highly quotable hi-jinx.

Empire Records-I quote this movie all the time too. It’s so funny, and has an excellent soundtrack. I love the teenage angst in this movie. I remember that should-I-tell-him-I-like-him? feeling so well.

The Ramen Girl-Watch this movie for real. It is so good! It’s about a girl who moves to Japan with her boyfriend, gets dumped, and finds her way again. It’s a really lovely story and it’s funny and moving.

Any episode of New Girl, or any other thing Zooey Deschanel is in. Flakes is fun too, although I don’t really watch and re-watch that one.

Wanderlust-This is actually a newer movie I have only seen once, but I could definitely see this one going on my comfort list. There’s a little bit of a weird vibe to this movie that I really dig.

Of course there are a million other movies that are brilliant that I also love, but these are those few movies that I could absolutely watch ANY time. They’re like the books you read and re-read because you love going back to that place. These are not movies that BLEW MY MIND, but I think they might be even better than that, just like pajama pants beat out pretty dresses most of the time.

What’s on your Comfort Flicks List? Have you seen anything on my list? Do share! I need a few good, new-to-me movies to watch!


  1. ajanka1 · April 9, 2013

    Oh! I forgot Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1). How could I forget that?! I rented that one from netflix and kept it for 6 months. Then I bought it!

  2. Ashley Migneault · April 9, 2013

    Oh my gosh, I have SO many of these movies. I used to do the same thing when I was a kid (The Lion King and Look Who’s Talking series FTW!)

    Now my favourites are generally: The Simpsons (instantly knocks me out), old episodes of SNL, Friends with Kids, any of the Jackass movies (strangely enough), First Wives Club, Milk, and 21 Dresses!

    • ajanka1 · April 9, 2013

      First Wives Club! I forgot aobut that movie! My husband and I have been watching old SNL lately too and it is awesome, except I’m pretty sure that Hulu cuts about half of each episode out, so I’m missing a bunch of good skits! There’s nothing like a good comfy movie. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

  3. annika - all the live long day · April 10, 2013

    I like When Harry Met Sally, too! And have the entirety of Friends on DVD. I also love Bridget Jones’ Diary, Mystic Pizza, Paris Je T’Aime, Pretty Woman, Say Anything, Adventures In Babysitting and Dirty Dancing. For TV, it’s Sex And The City! And The Big Bang Theory! And Flight Of The Conchords! 🙂

    • ajanka1 · April 10, 2013

      Ooh so many good ones! Mystic Pizza! Bridget Jones! DIRTY DANCING. I haven’t watched The Big Bang Theory yet. It’s on my list. I’ve never heard of Flight of the Conchords. I’ll have to look it up. 🙂

      Thanks for enabling my watching habits!

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