Crochet Baby Cuteness

It’s Monday, but I NEED to share the adorable pictures that I got back this week!!  It’s so nice to have some pretty pictures to share that show actual babies wearing the things I have been making!

Arnold Props 3313 023

Arnold Props 3313 017

The pattern for the adorable ice cream applique can be found here

Arnold Props 3313 004


Arnold Props 3313 021

The pattern for this sock monkey hat is available right here on the blog!

Arnold Props 3313 022

Arnold Props 3313 024

I’m super excited to share these photos! Big thanks to Tracy Edgington for taking these pics really quickly for me!


  1. betty barnes · March 29, 2013

    where can we get patterns for these

  2. ajanka1 · March 29, 2013

    The hats are an old pattern that I can’t find online anywhere anymore, I’m sorry! But the ice cream applique pattern and the sock monkey hat pattern are linked above. The big flower pattern can be found here and you could sew that onto any good hat pattern you like! The other flower is a variation on that pattern, where I chained 2 and slipped stitched into each stitch around to give it that sort of ruffled edge.

    The monkey tail is just a crocheted tube. I used an N hook, and holding two strands together I half double crocheted 4 and joined for as many rounds as you want your tail long, using as many colors as you like. Make sure your ends go toward the inside of the tail so you don’t have to sew them in, you can just tuck them inside the tail as you crochet it longer.

    Hope this helps you out! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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