Friday Fail

Gah! I can’t get it right this morning! I tried to post this playlist here this morning, but was unsuccessful. Go listen if you feel inclined. It will probably make you happy, as it’s my current happy playlist!

I was sick all week. Even still I am only at about 78% of my normal self. Just a really bad virus/cold. I am taking so much medicine both holistic and over the counter… I’m not sure it’s supposed to work that way, usually it’s one or the other, but I felt so awful I didn’t care, lol. Also, my husband was in Connecticut for a couple days this week, so between taking him to the airport and picking him up, and being sick and parenting, I didn’t even realize it was Friday today until about 10AM!!

Enjoy your weekend, and feel better (oh wait, that’s me…), and maybe next week will be a great one!

PS I did manage to get one crochet project finished this week. It’s a baby pod/cocoon thing. I absolutely love it, and can’t wait until there’s a sweet tiny baby wrapped up in it!007

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