How I Managed to be Productive This Week

Welcome to the week I managed to get. stuff. done. Here’s how I got through this week feeling like I succeeded:


1. Coffee. I drank so much coffee.

2. At the beginning of the week I wrote down a to-do list and kept it pinned where I could see it and access it all the time. I referenced it often. Every time I needed something to do, I knew just where to look.

3. I put things on my list that I knew I would be able to accomplish if I put in the time and effort. Plus one or two things that I knew were a long shot. Those are the two things still left on my list and I’m totally fine with carrying them over to next week.  I didn’t get discouraged by huge tasks either. Instead I broke them down into much smaller tasks and even added some smaller tasks onto my list JUST so I could cross them off.

4. I did a few things I’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks. Sometimes I just don’t want to email the people I need to email, but this week I did it anyway. I had some success and probably only annoyed one of those people. 1/3 isn’t terrible, especially since she is going to do what I asked her to do.

5. I opened a business this week, guys. That’s major on my productiveness scale. (Well, I already had the business, but I opened my very own Etsy shop! It is so exciting!)

6. I finished up a project ^^^(inspired by Megan Orsini’s head), and when I was done I worked more. It turns out that right after this particular project, I was ready to brainstorm and get new ideas down while I wasn’t so focused  on one particular thing. It was amazing to get so many  ideas out on paper. I just have to follow through on them now!

7. I didn’t watch TV this week yet. (Except for that one random episode of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch with my husband..)   I did spend my fair share of time on twitter, but, hey, we all have to have a way sneak in fun throughout the day!

8.  And lastly, I added a cork board and white board to my work space, where I can pin all my lists and can keep all my orders front and center. A little organization is helping a LOT.

Do you have any tips or tricks for getting ALL THE WORK done? Please share them with me! I’m still in a brainstorming kind of mood, I guess. Give me all your great ideas!!


  1. annika - all the live long day · January 25, 2013

    Congrats on the Etsy shop! I think the TV thing is very wise, that’s such a time eater. And I like to-do lists, as crossing off things gives you some sense of achievement. Unfortunately, I do not have any new ideas for you, as I am a very unorganized person, me! Have a nice weekend!

    • ajanka1 · January 25, 2013

      I’m usually not organized, but when it comes to business stuff I really have to be! No tv was easy this week because I had to be on the computer most of the week, but next week when I’ll be crocheting a lot it will be on all the time. Balance, right? Hope your weekend is lovely!

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